School Chaplaincy abandoned by ACT in government schools

Please add your name to our Statement of Support and take a stand for our children.

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The ACT Government has announced it will abandon the school chaplaincy program in government schools at the end of 2019. In its place it will introduce a secular support option only.

Our children, parents and school communities need your support today. Sign the below Statement of Support to add your voice to the many who believe in keeping school chaplains in our schools.

Our children are worth it. 

  • I agree to the ‘Five Statements of Hope’ for Safe and Inclusive Government Education!

    1. I am deeply disappointed with the ACT government’s decision to remove school chaplains from government schools, and hope for a reconsidered, more inclusive approach.
    2. I believe in a government school system that is holistically concerned with the ‘intellectual, physical, social, emotional, moral, spiritual and aesthetic development and wellbeing of young Australians’, in accordance with the Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians (2008).
    3. I believe in a system of government schooling that nurtures ‘an appreciation of and respect for social, cultural and religious diversity’, in accordance with the Melbourne Declaration, rather than being a place where the spiritual dimension of a child’s development is ignored, marginalised or excluded.
    4. I believe in a pluralist approach in government schools, as expressed by the European Court of Human Rights:
      ‘Neutrality requires a pluralist approach on the part of the State, not a secularist one. It encourages respect for all world views rather than a preference for one. … A preference for secularism over alternative world views – whether religious, philosophical or otherwise–is not a neutral option.’ (Lautsi v. Italy 18 March 2011, per Judge Power)
    5. I highly value school chaplains as trained and trusted sources of social, emotional and spiritual support for our children.


  • Please keep me up to date with my statement of support by passing my details along to the NSCA organisation in my state.


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