“I remember the first day of school sitting under the lunch area alone with my earphones. I didn’t want to talk to anybody. As a new kid I felt like everyone would make fun of me. Chaplain Jennie started a conversation with me and introduced me to all the year 11 students. I was so shy but she encouraged me to be brave.

At school I was a rebel kid. One day I was struggling in maths. I was so upset that I left without the teacher’s consent. Chaplain brought me into her staffroom and asked me to explain what was wrong. I explained to her about the situation that was bugging me. The advice she gave me was to forgive, keep trying and move forward. From that day on I started showing up to class early and participated in all my maths.

I also had trouble speaking in front of an audience. Just remembering how nervous I was I asked Chaplain if she could pray for me. She did. And just like that, I got over stage fright. – Louisa, Year 11.

*Student name has been changed for privacy.