Statement from the National School Chaplaincy Association – Re: Continuation of funding

The National School Chaplaincy Association welcomes the move by the Federal Government to ensure that funding continues for the important work chaplains do across Australia. Chaplaincy makes a positive difference in the lives of students and is widely considered the best model of holistic care and welfare, as it provides emotional, social and spiritual support. While we acknowledge the public opinions of some who are opposed to chaplaincy, much of this is based on misinformation. Chaplains are non-judgmental, non-coercive and support all students regardless of the student’s issues or worldview. It is generally accepted that spirituality is an important part of psychological wellbeing, and chaplains are not only well placed to offer this, but work collaboratively with other support services to serve their wider school communities. It should be noted that schools are not compelled to engage a chaplain – it is the choice of each school.

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