School chaplains have a heart to care for the social and emotional wellbeing of our young people and families, and students and parents of LGBTIQ+ students know that they will be safe talking to their chaplain.

Flo is a Year 11 student who identifies as a lesbian, and she couldn’t be more positive about the support she’s recieved from her school chaplain.

“I go to chaplain Margaret whenever I’m struggling and she is one of the very few people I’ll talk to about my relationship issues. People who say chaplains shouldn’t be in schools because they are prejudiced against young people who come from different lifestyle backgrounds, that’s completely false. Chaplains are there for support and I personally have found more support with chaplain Margaret than anyone else.”

As for Year 10 transgender student Phil, formerly known as Paula, their experience with their chaplain has been nothing short of wonderful.

“Whenever I had nobody else to talk to about something and I wasn’t sure who I could trust, I could always go to chaplain Sharon. She’s the least judgemental person you’ll ever meet and she has made a big difference in my life.”

It doesn’t end with the students. Parents, too, know that chaplains care and support without judgement. Mother of nine-year old Bronte, who identifies as transgender, is grateful that chaplain Elaine has been a constant friend to her child.

“Chaplain Elaine has been there to listen and be a friend to my child without judgement. She has made a safe environment for my child to go to when needed.”

*Student name has been changed for privacy.